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A1 Pest Control Sydney services the Sydney Metro area. The services provided range from White Ants, general pest treatments, termite management programs including termite inspection and pre-purchase inspections.

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White Ants Sydney Australia

Many people refer to white ants and white ant activity, though this is an incorrect terminology.  Termites and termite activity is much more correct and descriptive of that type of behaviour.  Sure, they are white and look a little like an ant, but biologically speaking, they are more like a cockroach than an ant!  A white-ant is just a misnomer for a termite.

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Termite Baits and Baiting Systems

1. Nemises Termite Bait

The NEMESIS System is designed as a second generation system based on input from leading institutions and pest management professionals.

• The in-ground stations feature a very low profile, tamper evident cap, ensuring discreet placements and reduced likelihood of damage.
• The timber inserts offer a major advance in baiting technology by way of mimicking real termite grooves and channelling and by ensuring ultra– low disturbance to feeding termites during station inspections and while introducing the Nemesis Bait Matrix to the station.
• The Nemesis baiting stations (both in-ground and above-ground) feature a significant internal volume which enables a maximum bait quantity to be taken by the termite colony in the shortest possible time. This enables a more rapid colony elimination, giving you peace of mind.
• The NEMESIS System is suitable for incorporating with or supplementing traditional chemical barrier systems.
• Termite monitoring and baiting are approved methods of termite colony elimination as per Australian Standard AS3660.2-2000.
• The NEMESIS System is a wholly Australian owned and manufactured system.

The Nemesis Bait Matrix is particularly attractive to termites – they will feed on it in preference to the timber of your home. This means that if active termites are located within your home, baiting can commence immediately, using specially designed above-ground feeding stations which are strategically placed over the termite workings. The workers will rapidly accept the bait, taking it back to the nest and sharing it with the queen, soldiers & other workers. The termites cannot sense that the bait is affecting their ability to grow and develop.

The active ingredient, Chlorfluazuron, is not only a proven insect growth regulator, it also stops the colony being able to reproduce effectively or successfully. The colony consequently loses whole generations of replacement members, it progressively declines and inevitably collapses. The effects of the Nemesis bait are visible and can be tracked. This means that the colony elimination can be reliably determined. The termites’ natural habits, food preferences and feeding behaviour are all used to its disadvantage.


Low profile lid reduces tripping hazard and likelihood of damage caused by lawnmowers. Sits at soil level, minimizing station visibility. A special tool is required to open the station, eliminating tampering by children or pets. The station features a significant volume of internal space for bait matrix placement, ensuring there is an ample quantity present to eliminate a termite colony rapidly. The tightly sealing lid and lack of openings at the upper sides of the station reduce the likelihood of regular ants occupying it.

A pair of specially-designed termite-attractive timber inserts produced from freshly-milled Eucalyptus delegatensis / E. regnans occupy the base of the station. Here, the station has large openings to ensure maximum opportunity for foraging
termites to enter the station. The channels and grooves machined into the inserts mimic real termite galleries, further enhancing their entry into the station.


2. Sentricon Above Ground and In Ground Termite Bait

Q. How exactly does Sentricon AG and IG termite bait eliminate termite colonies?
A. The active ingredient in Sentricon IG and AG termite bait is hexaflumuron, an insect growth regulator (IGR). It interrupts the termites’ necessary ability to moult, which means they are unable to grow and, therefore, die. This type of insect growth regulator  is completely non-toxic to humans and pets.

Q. Is Sentricon effective against the kind of termites I have?
A. Yes, Sentricon IG and AG termite bait is effective against all economically important subterranean termite species in Australia. It kills and controls termites In all types of soil conditions and climates.


3. Exterra Termite Baiting System
Exterra termite baits are a environmentally safe option for termite control (White ants) Sydney, Australia.

Extensive field trials clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the Exterra system for termite control in Australia, USA, and Japan in a wide range of conditions.

At A1 Pest Control, on the basis of field work experience, we recommend the use of the termite baiting systems in and around a building as part of an integrated termite control and monitoring program, where:

Complete chemical soil treatment using Termidor or Premise is not practicable, or desired, and;

Where a large number (10,000 or more) live termites are likely to consume the termite bait, within 30 days.


Subterranean Termites (White ants)

termitesunderkitchensinksmallSubterranean termites live in the ground and are commonly located under and around buildings. This is quite natural. Also natural is their appetite for wood, which they are designed by nature to consume and digest Termites and their insatiable appetite for wood create a problem only when they enter buildings in search of a new food source, especially in Sydney suburbs.

Termite barriers handle the termites-looking-for-wood-in-the-wrong-place problem by either repelling termites that attempt to cross the barrier or by killing termites that come in contact with the barrier. To properly protect a building, a barrier must be placed under and around the entire foundation of the building where termites will encounter it as they try to enter from beneath (which they must do since the form of termites that eat wood cannot fly).

To be totally effective the barrier must be applied under and around the entire building foundation at a high enough concentration that every possible point of potential termite entry into the building is protected. But what happens if the barrier is not continuous or is not strong enough?

Even the most carefully applied barrier treatments do not always form continuous and uniformly strong barriers between the building and the termite infested earth beneath them. This is because of the tedious nature of the application process and the difficulty of placing a barrier beneath an existing building. Almost inevitably, gaps or breaks are left in the barrier through which termites can invade. Variations can occur in the strength of the barrier.

Forming a continuous and uniformly strong barrier under a concrete slab floor is rarely if ever possible. This means that if a slab floor cracks at a point at which the barrier is too weak or no barrier has been applied, termites can enter the building unimpeded and often undetected until they have done large amounts of damage. And termites can penetrate a crack as narrow as 1mm.  Pest control firms in Brisbane have recorded homes damaged by termite attack less than 12 months old!

How does Exterra Work?

Exterra is designed for use in and around a building under attack from termites and/or as part of an ongoing monitoring plan to determine extent of localised white-ant activity. The aim is to successfully “collect” and bait a large number of termites in a remote Exterra bait station. The baited termites transfer the bait as food back to the central subterranean termite colony, which is eventually eliminated as a result.

The potential for the termites to “find” a bait station is not yet fully understood or appreciated. Subterranean termites seek out new food sources on a random basis but we know they are often guided by environmental circumstances – such as a readily available moisture source – near an automated watering system, etc.

As important as these environment-friendly features are, Exterra’s advantage compared to chemical barriers is its ability to eliminate the actual source of the termite problem – the termite colony itself.
Remember: Termite barriers are only a passive approach to termite control.

But Exterra is a proactive, go get ’em before they get your home from of white-ants damage. Exterra doesn’t just kill termites when they try to enter your home. It can actually eliminate the termite nest or colony and all its members right in the ground where it lives.

Termite (white ants) colony elimination is the most important advantage of Exterra. However an important added bonus of using Exterra is the significant reduction in the amount of toxicant necessary to manage termites at a site when compared to barrier treatments. When you are thinking of a safe option, especially in Sydney, Australia, ask for Exterra termite baits for lasting monitoring and termite protection.


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